About the data portal

The data portal has information about the datasets we share, and how you can get access to them. The datasets are described according to the standard DCAT-AP-NO (information in Norwegian: https://doc.difi.no/dcat-ap-no/). This standard is compatible with DCAT-AP, which is used in EUs dataportals.

The data portal also contains information about APIs which are exposed externally.

The information here is exported to Norway's common data portal (https://fellesdatakatalog.brreg.no/), and to the Norwegian national access point for transport data (https://transportportal.no/en/).

If you have questions or suggestions for improvements, please contact us at data@vegvesen.no

Privacy policy and cookies

Google Analytics

We use the Google Analytics analysis tool to collect information about how users use our web pages, how they find their way, what they search for and what pages they use most frequently. The information cannot be traced back to single individuals. Google Analytics store parts of a user’s IP address, but the final eight digits of the address is removed for the sake of data protection. Google thus does not store detailed geographical information about users, only geographical area or municipality. Google is data processor and the NPRA is the data controller. The information is subject to Google’s privacy policy.

For more information about NPRA's privacy policy, see https://www.vegvesen.no/en/the-npra/about-us/privacy-policy